La Cuna

La Cuna · Just Gourmet

The starting point of La Cuna has been to take advantage of the traditional identity to enhance the new brand category. The task entrusted pursues building a brand identity and packaging with the following attributes: rejuvenate the brand, freshen up and focus its communication on a younger audience. Redefine the current classic image of the brand and increase the perception of a premium product.

Packaging. We have conceived a packaging line based on the values of the brand and product. We have used the notion of quality and tradition to renew and bring the product closer to the gourmet range. We have kept the range of colors, we have made the typography more readable and we have transformed the logo into a symbol of guarantee.

Assortment packs. We have put together a formula to make different product groupings and convey the brand identity. We have transformed a simple grouping into a gift and experience for the consumer.