The art of refining cheese

Sebastien Roueche is a Swiss national who is based on the Vic Plain in Catalonia, with a trade that is almost unique in Spain. He is cheese refiner and has a personal philosophy regarding the handling that the product deserves. He handles cheese with great delicacy, selects designer cheeses, deals directly with the cheese-makers, farmers and field workers. He has in-depth knowledge of the product and works to give it a special touch, whether subtly refining the taste, enhancing the product or to maintain the identity with which it has been produced.

Safareig Creatiu is responsible for creating the brand to represent this business activity, which will have a point of sale (store, restaurant and tasting area).  The challenge is to convey Sebastien Roueche's knowledge and to transmit the brand, giving it high value. 

The graphics created by the brand are designed so that the consumer understands the process that each product passes through. Like a constellation, the points are joined by an imaginary line which represents the work carried out by VIALÀCTIA.

L'element que ens serveix per unificar tota la identitat és una cosa tant simple com un punt.

El punt representa un astre de la via làctia.
El punt és l’accent.
El punt és cada pas que fa un formatge fins arribar al consumidor.
El punt és cada un dels serveis que podem trobar a Vialàctia.

Tanquem el concepte amb: formatges al seu punt.

Amb Sebastien es treballa d'una manera molt fluïda compartim la forma en com cada un estima la seva professió