Naming Vol.2

A selection of some of the brands we have designed at Safareig Creatiu.
Designs that start with a verbal message.

  • WERK

    DIY Products

    Products to leave your home just like new. WERK TOOLS offers adhesives, a wide range of screwdrivers, brushes, rollers, rope/string, straps, tool boxes, hammers, nails and screws, Allen keys, saws and tape measures, etc.


    Cosmetic Products

    Personal Care Accessories PLAISANCE means you can have beautiful hair, nails and skin at great prices. They supply a wide range of brushes and hair accessories. They also stock special make-up and cosmetic application accessories. 


    School and Office Stationary Products

    They supply products designed for children to learn and have fun, for students and for the office. Pencils, pens, felt tip pens, fluorescent markers, crayons, post-its, glue sticks, adhesive tape, office materials, notebooks and painting games, etc.


    Satellite Connection Services and Equipment

    Viuho puts the power of satellite connection within your reach. A revolutionary system which means you are always connected, in communication and safe, wherever you are.


    Travel Experiences

    A website portal on which you can find great gift ideas based on tourist, gastronomic and adventure experiences in Catalonia.


    Decorative Metalwork Products

    Iron Products for Home Decoration. Decorative materials, for barbecues, shelves, bookcases, ... A wide range of products in which iron is the common feature.

  • EL MAESTRO 1926

    Cured Meat Products

    Cured hams and pork loins made with loving care, using traditional methods.


    Online Charity Search Engine

    People from a range of disciplines, but with the same take on society and the path to follow as an economic model, present an Internet search engine. What differentiates this from other search engines are the results shown, which are based on human criteria: common sense, voluntary work, social criteria and values and environmental values, rights and duties.