Naming Vol.1

A selection of some of the brands we have designed at Safareig Creatiu.
Designs that start with a verbal message.


    Electronic Products

    Electronic devices and household appliances. AXSOM supplies a wide range of headphones and design speakers at very competitive prices.


    ​​Household Products

    ​​Designer products for the home in bright colours and at excellent prices. Utensils for your kitchen: bowls, lunch boxes, bottles, cutlery, moulds, silicone brushes, etc. Cleaning articles: mops, dustpans and brushes, gloves, vaporizers, microfibre cloths, among many other items.


    Children's Toys

    DIVEO means Fun for Kids. They supply electronic toys for children, all types of vehicles for car fans, a wide range of dolls, art and craft materials for the artistic amongst you, toy animals for those who dream of becoming vets, really cute plush toys and water toys for a great day at the pool, beach, park or in the garden. 


    Travel Accessories and Luggage

    Travel bags, suitcases, toiletry bags and travel accessories are the main products featured this brand. You can also enjoy a really comfortable trip with a wide range of travel pillows and have a great time in the mountains or doing sports with the most high-tech backpacks.


    Party Products

    FOLIDAY is THE Brand for Party Products. They supply a wide range of tableware products for really colourful settings: table cloths, napkins, plates, glasses, cups, cutlery and candles, etc. They also provide fun party accessories for grown-ups and children alike: confetti, party poppers, hats and giant sticks.


    Electronic Gadgets

    Electronic Gadgets and Accessories. LEMEC accessories make your life that bit more comfortable and easy. Holders and covers for cell phones and tablets, alarm clocks, cables and adapters, chargers, flash lights and PC mice.

  • NINOS Baby

    Newborn Baby Products

    NINOS cares for your newborn baby with blankets, dummies, bibs, sponges, cutlery and electronic thermometers. 


    Car Accessories

    LIVECAR offers products for cleaning your car and make it safer and more attractive. They supply sponges, gloves and glass cleaners for a really good clean, as well as air fresheners, emergency triangles, parasols, seatbelt protectors and ice-removing spatulas.