Mimasa Washing Technologies

Washing Technologies

Mimasa is a company dedicated to the manufacture and assembly of industrial cleaning equipment. Since its foundation in 1986, it has offered tailor-made solutions, which has allowed it to achieve a high level of knowledge in the different sectors in which it participates. But if anything makes Mimasa great is their character and people. 

Today Mimasa offers washing systems designed to cover every need with the highest standards of quality and hygiene. The values of trust, respect, commitment and pursuit of excellence make up Mimasa's identity.


We've designed a website focus in commercial activity with a double purpose. Communicate a lot of information, to allows to be a very powerful tool for the sales team, and allow to the potential customer to get an idea of what Mimasa can contribute.

Build and maintain a brand over time. Color as a link. A communication strategy based on benefits. A remarkable, simple and understandable tone, added to a continuous chromatism over the years, make Mimasa's advertising communication a identifying and recognizable brand.