Batallé el Único

An identity to convey quality and character.

Batallé "El Único" corresponds to a range of pork meat products, both fresh and cured. Meat and hams that can only be classified by the term "the one". Unique in breed, feeding, quality, colour and flavour...

Brand Design
Batallé el Único is a product by the Batallé brand. We have created an identity respecting the existing one and the brand design. We make the product stand out by using a logo that includes handwritten typography to reinforce the concept of uniqueness.

Colour to unify two product ranges
Black and gold are included and take prominence over corporate red. In this way we clearly differentiate between the product and the company. At the same time, we bring together two product ranges of a totally different nature (the fresh and cured) but which are defined by the same values.

The brand needed to renew its concept and identity, placing emphasis on the product and thereby standing out among its competitors. Our challenge: to tell a story that conveys the values and qualities of the product and position it at a gourmet level.